You wake up in a small bedroom in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, sweaty, disoriented.

You are Jeremiah Budin. You are a comedy writer and director.

You have been a staff writer at Above Average and The Kicker, as well as Curbed and Curbed NY.

Your writing has also been featured on such websites as The New Yorker, McSweeney’s, and others.

You have written for sketch comedy teams Deathbird, Strongman, and Candy Ass as part of the BoogieManja sketch program. You also directed The Diva, another BoogieManja team.

You are one of the co-writers of HINT: A Murder Mystery, which ran at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.

You have a Twitter.

As you fumble for your glasses, you remember that your email address is jeremiahbudin [at] gmail [dot] com.